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New Believers Course
The New Believer’s Course is a study designed to guide new and growing Christians into a greater understanding of their new life in Christ.
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Prayer Template


The Lord's Prayer praying template is a template you can use to put together your own prayers which will be pleasing to God, and get answers.


Click on the image to download the template. 

Prayer Booklet


Prayer Booklet for All Round Advancement and Winning Unseen Spiritual Battles By Love, Faith, and Miracles

This booklet provides structured prayers to guide believers towards spiritual and personal growth. It encompasses themes like salvation, advancement, overcoming spiritual battles, financial upliftment, and seeking divine favor. Additionally, it offers essential insights to deepen one's understanding and effectiveness in prayer, emphasizing the importance of salvation, scripture, thanksgiving, forgiveness, and the synergy of fasting with prayer. Ideal for those seeking to fortify their spiritual journey and attain holistic progress in life.

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Green Leaves Wreath Prayer Journal Book Cover.jpg

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

by R. A. Torrey

"The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit" by R.A. Torrey is a profound exploration into the nature and activities of the Holy Spirit. The book elucidates the essential role the Holy Spirit plays in the Christian experience, leading readers to a deeper understanding and relationship with the divine. Torrey discusses the transformation, gifts, and guidance offered by the Spirit, offering practical insights for engaging with the third person of the Holy Trinity in everyday life.

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Gravity - True For You But Not For Me: Evidence for God’s Existence and Identity by Michael Edwards

In this thought-provoking exploration, Edwards delves into the compelling arguments for God's existence and identity. Challenging the notion of relative truths, the book juxtaposes the undeniable force of gravity with the quest for spiritual truth. Using logical reasoning, personal experiences, and evidence, Edwards makes a robust case for the universality of divine truth, inviting readers to reconsider their beliefs and perceptions about God's presence in our world.

Gravity Book Front Image.webp

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Effective Prayer Life by Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith's "Effective Prayer Life" delves into the heart of prayer, merging biblical wisdom with practical guidance. This enlightening guide helps readers foster an intimate bond with God, unlocking the power of genuine communion. A must-read for those seeking to invigorate their spiritual connection through prayer.


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The New Life: Words of God for Young Disciples by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray's "The New Life" serves as an inspirational guide for young believers, illuminating the foundational teachings of the Christian faith. With profound wisdom and heartfelt insights, Murray mentors the next generation, fostering a deep, genuine relationship with God. Essential reading for budding disciples eager to strengthen their spiritual journey.

The New Life Words of God for Young Disciples by.jpg

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A Study of Personal Evangelism by Gene Taylor

In "A Study of Personal Evangelism," Gene Taylor delves into the art and heart of one-on-one spiritual outreach. Drawing from scriptural insights and practical experiences, Taylor provides believers with the tools and understanding needed to confidently and genuinely share their faith. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to make a personal impact in their evangelistic endeavors, fostering deeper connections and transformative conversations.

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