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A Prayer for Victory Over Your House and Household

In Jesus' name I break every bondage in and over my household. I tear down every enemy stronghold and bind every power and principality trying to bring my family into captivity. In Jesus' name I come against every evil principality and spirit that has been trying to bind my finances. Satan, the Word of God is against you. The blood of Jesus is against you. Spirits of drug abuse, alcoholism, adultery, fornication, profanity and all immorality must go out of my house; out of my mind - I have a mind of Christ. Sin does not rule or reign over me. I bind every spirit of strife and division and loose a spirit of love, joy and peace to fill my house. My house belongs to God! The blood of Jesus is on my doorpost. I lift up God's standard and shield over my house, and family. I declare that nothing unholy or unlawful will enter to defile or harm me, my children, my grandchildren, or any other member of my family. In Jesus' name. Amen

About the Author

Rev. K. Irma Green, retired pastor; Lecturer/Bible Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach. You may contact Rev Green by email

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